The Irish Doodle!

Irish Doodles

The Irish Doodle or Setterdoodle is a medium to large-sized crossbreed. A mix of Irish Red Setter and Poodle, the Irish Doodle is an excellent choice for somebody seeking a loyal, social, and intelligent dog, that does’t shed a lot (although a lot of grooming maintenance is required). Although large dogs, they are adaptable to living, whether you live in a large house or in a modest apartment if exercised correctly they will be very content in most spaces.

The Irish Doodle won’t mind meeting strangers or new dogs, if socialised correctly they are extremely friendly, sociable dogs.

Big bouncy dogs

The Poodle comes in 3 different sizes: standard, miniature, and toy, however only two types can be used to develop the Irish Doodle . The standard Poodle is the most common choice although you can get a Mini Irish Doodle, the breeder will mate miniature Poodle studs with Irish Setter bitches, almost identical to the standard Irish Doodle, just smaller in size.

Enthusiastic dogs can easily knock children or even adults over, totally unaware of their size, they will even try to play with dogs much smaller than themselves, the way they deal with their excitement can can be worked on with the right training techniques to teach them the proper manners when it comes to containing all of that energy in the right way.


Whilst Irish Doodles are intelligent they aren’t always the easiest to train, this is because the Irish Setter isn’t always willing to be trained and can become easily bored, it all depends on which traits your Irish Doodle inherits from each parent as the Poodle is much more willing to when it comes to training, it is impossible to predict which trait your ID will inherit. Do not let this put you off, IDs are by no means impossible to train, just perseverance, commitment and patience is required, once taught, he will remember everything that you taught him.

The Irish Doodle loves to run, they get this from the Setter, it can make recall very challenging and their tendency to chase things into the distance is common, before they realise they have gone to far and run back to find you in a panic. Teaching recall in a safe place as soon as you possibly can is essential to curb potential bad habits, a lot of people tend to think that their dog isn’t ready to be off the lead without realising they are not ready because they have had no recall training.

No matter how difficult your Irish Doodle is to train, focus on positive reinforcement anything less can be a fine line between punishment and abuse, it can have a negative impact on behaviour and training, establishing yourself as the alpha does not need to be done with a firm hand, a gentle, kind approach will be more beneficial for you and your dog as well as strengthening your bond as a family.

Exercise Requirements

If you have done a lot of research into Irish Doodles then I’m sure you will find conflicting information on exercise requirements, a few articles will tell you IDs do not need a lot of exercise. Being an Irish Doodle owner that has discussed this with other ID owners, the common consensus is that this statement is not true. The Red Setter is bred for hunting they just love to run and need considerable exercise. Traditionally the Standard Poodle was a retriever or gun dog, as both Setters and Poodles love to run, its understandable that pairing the two will create a dog that also loves to run. IDs require brisk walks, jogging, swimming, and/or vigorous play sessions to keep them fit, satisfied, and calm indoors. They would fit in perfectly with a family that loves the outdoors no matter what the weather!

The Irish Doodle Owners Group UK

The online facebook community The Irish Doodle Owners Group UK can be found on facebook, a free platform for anyone that loves Irish Doodles, wether you own one, thinking about adding one to the family or simply just love the cross, its a safe environment to ask questions and share advice, see others pictures or post funny stories.

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